Group X Class Schedule

The Group X Class Schedule is now located on the home page for quick, easy access. CLICK HERE to view the schedule and book quickly and easily online!

You can  book all of your Group Fitness classes on the Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club app. We are now a reservation only Club, please no walk-ins at this time. There is no need to call the Front Desk for fitness reservations unless you need assistance, in which case we are available to answer any inquiries. The Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness App is where you can easily book online reservations for your Group Exercise Classes and use of the Pool. We will eventually add more features to the app to make your experience at the Club even more convenient and streamline. Following, are the steps to set up the app:

  • Go to the App Store on your mobile device
  • Search “Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club”
  • Download the app
  • Open the app and create an account. Please enable the email and text features to receive confirmations and Club updates.
  • Pull down the menu tab in the top left corner (where you see the little lines at top left of page).
  • Select Group X Classes or Pool and book your time.
  • Reserve your activity in the available time slots and arrive close to the start of your workout. Reservations will be available to book 4 days in advance. Please be mindful when selecting your activity since we have limited capacity and your time slot will be reserved for you. If you need to cancel your reservation, please cancel (on the app) at least one hour ahead of your scheduled time. 

Club Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Group X Class Descriptions

AASATTI YOGATM (Deep Stretch) – Be in a state of Zen. A variety of deep stretch postures that allow us to move into & through ourselves with
grace as we surrender into the experience.
AQUA BOOTCAMP – An invigorating water workout in our heated outdoor pool that includes cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises using a variety of buoyancy equipment which allows for an effective workout that’s easy on the joints. Great for all levels. Get fit in the water!
BALL TONE – This fun and sweat inducing workout class uses hand weights & stability balls to tone & strengthen your entire body. A challenging
quick paced workout designed to impact metabolism, core & cardio health.
BOOTCAMP BOXING – Put on your boxing gloves and jab, hook and upper cut your waistline away using hardcore boxing techniques. This is not
your traditional stop and go boxing workout. Anyone can do it. Reap the benefits of this ultimate calorie burning workout combining boxing, jump
rope, strength training and core. Round for round, pound for pound, take the challenge! Wraps REQUIRED. Boxing gloves provided.
BOOTCAMP STYLE – A total body workout to build cardiovascular endurance while you box, jump rope and run stairs. Tone your muscles with
weights and resistance bands. All levels welcome.
CARDIO BOOST – Rev up your metabolism with this great mix of both low impact cardio endurance & sets of interval training. Improve your
overall fitness while burning calories.
CARDIO BOOTCAMP – Jump start your workout with this high energy cardio and strength conditioning class! Timed drills, endurance training,
body sculpting, & abs work await you in this challenging class.
CARDIO DANCE – Cardio Dance is one of the most enjoyable ways to break a sweat! A combination of fun dance moves to improve your
cardiovascular system, tone your muscles and burn calories. This low impact aerobic activity also increases flexibility, strength and balance.
No dance experience required, good for all fitness levels.
CARDIO TENNIS – Build up a sweat in this high-energy workout by combining the best features and skills of tennis into a fast paced cardio routine. No tennis skilled required. Just the willingness to participate and have fun.
FIND YOUR FLOW YOGA – Designed for all levels, this class gets you moving and sweating while maintaining strong attention to proper alignment. Expect specific anatomy-based cues mixed with creative, dynamic sequencing.
FULL BODY WORKOUT – Give us 30 min and we’ll change your body. Short cardio bursts to burn fat & calories. Strength training to tone upper
body. Resistance bands to sculpt lower body. Crunches & plyometrics to tighten abs & core. All levels welcome.
HIIT – HIIT, stands for high intensity interval training. This dynamic hybrid workout combines the best of cardio, strength, power, and speed. Using various timing and tempos to achieve maximum results, this class will challenge your body with unique functional compound movements. With a wide variety of equipment and an infinite amount of combinations, you’ll never have the same workout twice while you tone and strengthen your body.
MAT PILATES CARDIO – Mat Pilates Core Strengthening is the root of core strength. Learn how to strengthen your core through abdominal
stabilization for optimal health and healing. This class fixes postural challenges as well as toning muscles through a series of intense stretching and isometrics. You will leave feeling invigorated and also be standing a bit taller. All levels welcome.
PILATES – Experience the benefits of Mat Pilates: improves core strength, promotes muscular endurance and flexibility. Optimizes body
composition and maintains spine health. All levels welcome.
POWER SCULPT – Total body workout for both muscular strength and endurance. Continuous movement to great music keeps the heart rate up
for a sweat drenched sculpting session. Fast paced with weight and conditioning exercises with little recovery time between exercises. Get ready
to challenge your body.
POWER SCULPT AND BARRE TONE – This energy-infused class will tone and tighten your entire body using a unique combination of free weights and a ballet barre. The barre is used to perform small isometric movements to strengthen and elongate your muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance. Enjoy the fusion of basic dance and step movements to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Tighten your abs with intensive core work and finish with a deep stretch.
POWER SCULPT II – Be strong and energized. This class will increase muscular strength and endurance using a variety of resistance equipment.
Weights, balls, bands & Barres are incorporated in this challenging workout. This class will challenge and energize you!
SATURDAY GROOVE – Be the life of your party in this stimulating and motivating class that will have you moving your feet and burning calories at the same time. Full-body workout using light weights & dance moves, no dance experience necessary.
SCULPT FUSION – Sculpt your way into your dream body. Combines functional movement, resistance training & balance with a strong focus on
defining the core muscles by challenging both strength & stability. A total body workout. All levels welcome.
SPIN – This 50-minute stationary bicycling class simulates the ‘real thing’ over a variety of terrains … fast flats to steep hills & rolling roads. For all
fitness levels. TLTFC is an Ocial Licensee of the Spinning Program.
SPIN/SCULPT/STRETCH – Get your body moving. 40 minute Spin followed by 20 minute Sculpt & Stretch.
STRETCH – This half hour class will increase your flexibility and joint range of motion. Flexible muscles will improve your daily performance, blood circulation and posture.
STRETCH, ROLL & RELAX –This half-hour class will transform your mind and body and prepare you for the day. You will use bands to deepen your range of motion and a foam roller to manipulate the soft tissue to help the body with myofascial release. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend all the way. That puts you at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage. The class will end with a relaxing mindful meditation.
TRX CROSS TRAINING – TRX is limited to 9 students and taught by a personal trainer for lots of one-on-one attention. The patented
suspension system creates full body workouts using percentages of the students own bodyweight. Students get strength, core stabilization,
balance, coordination and cardio intervals in a 55-minute workout.
WAR & PEACE –Kickboxing & martial arts drills, functional core training, boot camp, deep stretching & mindfulness.
WEIGHTS & TONING – This all body conditioning class will give you lean muscles as you burn fat and tone. Use your own body weight to strengthen your core and abs.
YOGA I – Yoga for everyday living. An eclectic mix of various forms of both traditional and non-traditional yoga, including a mixture of corrective
exercises, asana, kriyas, meditation, breathing exercises and therapy ball massage. Great for beginners, intermediate students and those just
looking to feel good.
YOGA HATHA FLOW (level 2) – Begins with a simple, seated warm-up, slowly builds into an intermediate flow while building up heat &
endurance … class ends with hips, abs, & lower back stretches. Not for the beginner.
YOGA HATHA FLOW and VINYASA (level 1) – This class is a slow but intense flow with options for all levels. Using breath, meditation and
postures, students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Excellent for those who want to focus on balance,
flexibility and mental awareness.

Club Policy

For safety reasons and courtesy to others, please arrive to class on time. Thank you!