Allie is a dancer/actor who started her dance training at a young age in Pennsylvania, training in jazz, jazz funk, contemporary, hip hop, and ballet. Allie started getting serious about dance when she was 16 years old, which is when she knew she wanted to make it a career. Allie has taught dance, tumbling and private dance lessons at studios in Pennsylvania since her early teens. She was the youngest student to be given her own dance classes at the local studios in her hometown. Allie has also choreographed for dance competitions and has won various titles for both her dancing and choreography. She is very well known for her great energy and being a positive motivator. After graduating high school in 2014 she moved to New York City to train at a dance/acting conservatory for 8 months. Her commercial based dance and acting style brought her out to LA which is somewhere she has always dreamed of living. Allie has danced for Walt Disney World, 76ers basketball and Miss America organization pageants.

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