Lyle is Johnny G/Mad Dogg Athletics certified. Health has always been important to Lyle who is an avid runner and a cyclist. Eleven years ago on a business trip to San Francisco Lyle visited a local gym and saw thirty people sweating to hip music, killing it on stationary bikes. When he returned to LA he joined a gym and found the class. It was called SPINNING. Lyle was hooked and became a certified instructor. Now, years later, thousands of hours training, sweating and carefully selecting motivating music, he is a top-notch instructor. The Canadian born instructor enjoys leading his class towards a healthier, stronger self. “Most people think going to the gym is about losing weight and strengthening muscle. It really is about changing your level of energy”, Lyle goes on to say, “Simple increase in oxygen intake can change the molecular make up of the body.” Lyle’s music is a combination of “everything under the sun”!

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